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Inteviz Individually Packed Components

Inteviz Individually Packed Components

Bio-Burden Free Individually Packaged Components are a new and innovative service from Shah Brothers that aims to provide convenience for those needing flexible, sterile solutions. Featuring double bagging of components, including such things as connectors and tubing, prior to sterilization by Gamma, Autoclave. This unique service allows for greater efficiency and flexibility, allowing the user to easily remove one product from the package without exposing the entire lot.

  • The ability for any part or quantity of parts to be cleanroom packaged

  • Gamma sterilization on request

  • Products can maintain “bio-burden free” status even after

  • initial packaging is opened due to the bagging process

  • Multiple parts can be packaged

  • Efficient process development and increase productivity

  • Innovative process development kits

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