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Quattroflow 150S

Quattroflow 150S

Quattroflow® develops and manufactures, in close cooperation with our customers, specialty pumps for a variety of critical pharmaceutical and biotech processes. For over a decade, we have been providing many of the top pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide with the pumping solutions they need to optimize production, increase efficiency and decrease downtime.


Pharmaceutical and biotech applications require the highest level of purity, containment and cleanability. Quattroflow versatile and efficient stainless-steel multiple-use pumps meet these requirements, and have been specifically designed to ensure product safety, efficiency and reliability in the demanding operations found in laboratories and production plants. Quattroflow pumps are also ideally suited for a wide range of applications in biological manufacturing –including cross-flow filtration systems, chromatography columns and centrifuges – thanks to their ability to gently transfer aqueous media and biological products such as blood by-products of vaccines.

The design and operation of Quattroflow pumps solve many of the challenges faced by pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers. These pumps do not feature a mechanical shaft seal or wetted rotating parts, ensuring total product containment without abrasion and particle generation. Additionally, the pumping principle of Quattroflow pumps allows risk-free dry running and a low pulsation.


Quattroflow multiple-use pumps are available in multiple sizes – QF150, QF1200, QF2500, QF4400, QF5050, QF5k, QF10k and QF20k (arranged in order of flow capacity) – and offer clean-in-place (CIP), sanitize-in-place (SIP) and autoclave capabilities. The smallest size, the QF150, comes with a standard integrated controller. For all other sizes, a separate control box is available. In addition, the QF1200 and QF4400 sizes are also available in a space saving compact version with integrated controller and high turndown ratio (QF1200S-CV, QF1200S-HT, QF4400S-HT).

  • Stainless steel pump chamber
  • New version with 90 W motor
  • Integrated controller
  • Digital key pad for manual operation
  • Small and portable format
  • Ideal for R&D and process development

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