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Stability Vials

Stability Vials

Savillex offers a range of stability vials in support of biopharmaceutical
process validation through stability testing programs. These stability
vials are produced using the exact same resin manufacturer and resin
grade as our Purillex® bioprocessing bottles to support regulatory
filing. Savillex stability vials also come with full manufacturing lot

  • Savillex stability vials and closures are injection molded from virgin resin, using the same resin grade as the Purillex bottles used for storage and transport of API and intermediates. Stability vials are also perfect for lot retention. Available in 3 mL, 7 mL and 15 mL sizes, these vials are suitable for a wide range of stability test protocols, and minimize the usage of valuable bulk drug substance for testing and validation. The injection molding process produces excellent thread quality and avoids the need for secondary machining of the vial lip, greatly reducing the risk of particulate contamination. A high integrity seal is ensured, without the need for secondary seals or inserts. All vials are
    round bottomed for ease of extracting contents.
    Savillex stability vials can easily withstand temperatures down to blast freeze conditions (-70°C), while maintaining seal integrity. 

  • Pre-sterilized (gamma irradiated), RTU
  • Suitable for process validation studies
  • Produced using the same resin manufacturer and grade as our Purillex® bioprocess bottles
  • Full lot certification
  • Minimum order quantities apply

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