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Alpha Pure Depth Spun Filter Cartridge

Alpha Pure Depth Spun Filter Cartridge

The Alpha-Pure depth filter cartridge is using an exclusive process to create a rigid construction of filtering, each contact point of the fibers is thermally bonded to form a network structure that allows for longer service life and higher throughputs. Moreover, Alpha-Pure stands out for its ability of providing stable filtration of high viscous liquids and increases the contaminant holding capacity under low differential pressure without the structure deformation.

  • Multi-layers structure cartridge, high contaminant holding capacity, long filter service life.
  • 100% PP for compatibility with a wide range of process fluids
  • Micro-denier fiber provide rigid construction and longer cartridge life-time.
  • Formed by thermal bond without use of any binders and adhesives.
  • Certificated by NSF42 and FDA CFR Title 21.
  • In compliance with the latest EC Directive for food contact.

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