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CPC Aseptiquik STC Series Connectors

CPC Aseptiquik STC Series Connectors

AseptiQuik STC Connectors integrate the AseptiQuik® sterile connector and the Steam-Thru® II SIP connector, giving manufacturers even greater flexibility for hybrid stainless steel and single-use processing. The AseptiQuik STC connector combines either an AseptiQuik G or AseptiQuik C sterile connector with a
Steam-Thru II connection that can be mounted directly to a stainless steel vessel via a sanitary termination. AseptiQuik STC connectors utilizing an AseptiQuik G sterile connector offer a genderless design, simplifying system integration at the aseptic connector end. AseptiQuik STC connectors utilizing an AseptiQuik C sterile connector allow system designers to incorporate a keyed female-to-male connection at the aseptic connector end.

The union of the two connectors into a single unit through a sanitary clamp allows an AseptiQuik sterile connection to be steamed on to stainless equipment via SIP. After the SIP cycle, a wide range of single-use systems can be connected. The SIP process can be done in advance allowing a quick and easy sterile connection to the AseptiQuik half without having to wait 30-60 minutes for SIP prior to harvest.

  • AseptiQuik design
  • Innovative three-step connection process reduces risk of operator error
  • Genderless design
  • Eases integration of single-use systems with universal mating between AseptiQuik G Connectors
  • Innovative three-port steam design
  • Allows a true steam-through SIP process which eliminates “dead legs”
  • Robust construction
  • Repeatable and reliable performance with no additional hardware required
  • Patented steam valve design
  • Allows sterile connection and disconnection to stainless equipment and permits a high media flow rate.
  • Sanitary interface between the two connectors
  • More secure connection than tubing with cable ties
  • CPC Click
  • Audible confirmation of assembly steps
  • Market availability
  • Open access through multiple supply chain partners

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