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CPC Everis BLQ6 Series Connector

CPC Everis BLQ6 Series Connector

Everis™ BLQ6 quick disconnect couplings provide ultra-reliable, no-drip connections for thermal management to help protect valuable electronic systems. Designed specifically for blind mate liquid cooling applications, the Everis BLQ6 Series uses patent pending valve technology that eliminates drips and is specifically designed to withstand long-term connection. An optional accessory kit is available for panel mount connections.

  • Non-spill design
  • Redundant seals
  • Friction-free valve
  • Rugged anodized aluminum
  • Axial engagement tolerance
  • Optional panel mount kit
  • Disconnect under pressure
  • Extra protection from contaminants and debris when couplers are connected
  • Provides reliability for extended periods of operation
  • Able to withstand long-term, ongoing and repeated use
  • Allows full flow even when not fully engaged
  • Enables either the body, insert or both to be panel mounted

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