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CPC Everis LQ8 Series Connector

CPC Everis LQ8 Series Connector

Everis™ LQ8 Series fittings feature 1/2” flow for liquid cooling of electronics applications. Specifically designed for thermal management applications, Everis LQ8 connectors offer a high-flow capacity to optimize liquid cooling system performance. They provide ultra-reliable, dripless connections and disconnections for ease of use and peace of mind given proximity to sensitive or valuable equipment components. LQ8 quick disconnects (QDs) use patent pending valve technology that eliminates drips and are designed for long-term use. EPDM seals are a standard option for compatibility with glycol/water coolants. For other material and termination options contact CPC; CPC sales representatives and applications engineers are available to assist with any questions you may have.

  • Non-spill design
  • Redundant seals
  • High flow capacity with low pressure drop
  • EPDM seals
  • Ergonomic body and latch design
  • Low profile
  • Barbed and threaded terminations
  • Disconnect under pressure
  • Extra protection against leaks over an extended period of time
  • Enables efficient and cost-effective cooling
  • Compatibility with common coolants (e.g. glycol/water)
  • Simple, intuitive one-handed operation and audible click that signals secure connection
  • Meets size requirements for space-constrained electronics applications
  • Accommodates various connection preferences including locking barbs for clampless reinforced tubing

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