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CPC Everis PLQ4 Series Connector

CPC Everis PLQ4 Series Connector

The Everis™ PLQ4 Series of quick disconnects provides ultra-reliable connections and dripless disconnections that protect sensitive electronic systems being cooled via liquid cooling. Built of polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), a high-performance thermoplastic, the Everis PLQ4 connector is lightweight and inherently resistant to galvanic corrosion. Everis PLQ4 connectors are rated UL94 V0 flame retardant and are easy to use making them a perfect choice for liquid cooling of electronics applications. These industry-leading connectors offer a high-flow capacity to optimize thermal management system performance. The Everis PLQ4 Series uses patent-pending CPC-developed valve technology that eliminates drips and is specifically designed for long-term connected states.

  • Made of high-performance PPSU material
  • Non-spill valve design
  • High flow to size ratio with low pressure drop
  • Ergonomic body and latch design
  • Audible click upon connection
  • Barbed and threaded termination options
  • Robust product testing (product tested to 10,000 cycles)
  • Lightweight, durable and chemically compatible with widely used liquid cooling fluids and UL94 VO flame retardant
  • No drips during connection or disconnection
  • Increased cooling efficiency in small spaces
  • Simple, intuitive one-handed operation
  • Provides connection assurance
  • Meets preferences for mounting or tubing connections
  • Reliability assurance with proven dimensional stability

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