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Flouroguard (PTFE ) Pleated Filter Cartridge

Flouroguard (PTFE ) Pleated Filter Cartridge

FluoroGuard cartridge filter contains a layer of pleated PTFE membrane filter with a layer of polypropylene depth filters as a prefilter in an all polypropylene construction.  It is particularly designed to deliver sterile air/gas filtrate for pharmaceutical venting, clarification and point-of-use air or gas filtration.  It is also suitable for chemical filtration. FluoroGuard Filter cartridge is biosafe and suitable for sterile liquid filtration.

The self-contained filter element requires minimal handling and is easily disposed of after use.  Thermal bonding of membrane and components minimizes extractables, while allowing the filter to withstand multiple sterilizations without losing integrity.

FluoroGuard cartridge is compatible with autoclave and in-line steam sterilization, as well as chemical sanitization methods.  Each amcFluoroGuard cartridge is integrity tested to verify compliance with established pore size specifications.                         

  • Constructed of only hydrophobic materials, i.e., polytetrafluoroethylene and polypropylene with no adhesives to ensure lower extractables
  • Withstands shocks and back pressure in rigorous applications
  • Broad chemical compatibility and temperature resistance
  • All materials of construction are non-toxic and biosafe, and are listed as being acceptable for food contact applications according to the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21
  • 100% integrity tested during manufacturing to assure product quality and reliability

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