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Glass Fiber Pleated Filter Cartridge

Glass Fiber Pleated Filter Cartridge

Glassfiber Pleated Cartridge Filter(LGF) is a cartridge type product manufactured by pleating the micro glassfiber media. Glassfiber Pleated Cartridge Filter employs the glassfiber holding smaller diameter than synthetic fibers and provides the absolutely outstanding property in terms of absolute grade efficiency, high flow rate and low pressure loss. Particularly, the Liquid Glassfiber has been used in wide variety of industry fields such as the millbase process, the core process in LCD manufacturing, or fructose refining process.

  • • Resin-bonded glass fiber filter media 
  • • Thermal bonded construction ensures integrity 
  • • All materials are FDA listed for food contact use 
  • • Can be autoclaved or steam sterilized 
  • • Electropositive charged glassfiber filter available

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