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Rocker Lab Electric Sterilizer Dragon 300 / 320

Rocker Lab Electric Sterilizer Dragon 300 / 320

◆ No fuel combustion
Dragon 300 is used to rapidly sterilize loop, needle and culture tube by electric heating inside the chamber. No spattering of microorganisms and cross contamination through an open flame generated from fuel combustion.


◆ Adjustable temperature
Equipped with a powerful heating element enabling Dragon 300 to reach up to 850℃ fast and the temperature is adjustable.


◆ Humanized design and convenient operation
Dragon 300’s heavier base, friendly loop rack and adjustable angle of heating chamber up or down from 45 to 75 degree make them the best mates with laminar flow hood and anaerobic chamber.

  •  No fuel combustion
  •  Adjustable temperature
  •  Humanized design and convenient operation

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