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Rocker Welvac - Microplate Vacuum Manifold

Rocker Welvac - Microplate Vacuum Manifold

◆ Simplifying operation
WelVac 200 is designed to replace traditional centrifuges with vacuum source to simplify purification process of plasmid DNA, ssDNA, RNA, genomic DNA, viral nucleic acids, etc.


◆ Time-saving
By connecting manifold to vacuum source, the system can give a rapid continuous separation without dispensing solution, running and stopping centrifuge.


◆ Multi-use of one machine
Unique designed column adapterboard and luer connector make WelVac 200 highly compatible with various kinds of centrifuge tube and 96-well microplate.
 — 96-well microplate
 — micro centrifuge tubes (24 holes)
 — large-volume centrifuge tubes (8 holes)


Microplate Vacuum Manifold International certificates:

◆ CE certification
◆ CSA certification (Rocker 300)
◆ IP 30 protection (Rocker 300)
◆ RoHS certification (Rocker 300)


Microplate Vacuum Manifold Applications:

◆ DNA Purification
◆ RNA Purification
◆ Gel Purification
◆ PCR Clean Up


  •  Simplifying operation
  •  Time-saving
  •  Multi-use of one machine
  •  CE certification

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