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Ultra Flow Depth Spun Filter Cartridge

Ultra Flow Depth Spun Filter Cartridge

Filtteck Ultra-Flow depth filters have been designed and developed to replace the Pall Coreless product,and substantially reduce operating costs. Ultra-Flow filters have two major design characteristics. The first is a multi-layer structure with fine fibers in the inner layer and coarse fibers in the outer, leading to graded pore diameters and true depth filtration. The graded depth filtration means that Ultra Flow filters have longer service life and lower pressure drop than competing products. The second feature is the large
design dimensions. With an inner diameter of 115mm and an outer diameter of 152mm Ultra Flow filters are suitable for high flow rates, reducing equipment space and frequency of replacing filters.

  • Replace Pall Coreless, Polypropylene and Nylon filter media are available.
  • Formed by thermal bonding with no resins, binders or adhesives.
  • High flow rate, low pressure drop and reduced operating costs.
  • Multi-layer structure, high contaminant holding capacity, longer filter service life.
  • Compatible with a wide range of process fluids.
  • NSF42 Certificate is for PP Filter only; FDA CFR Title 21 certificate is for both PP & Nylon.
  • In compliance with the latest EC Directive for food contact.

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